How to Create System Restore Points Effectively in Windows

restore point in windowsDo you use system restore feature in windows operating system?Here is the simple how to guide to use it effectively.
Windows implement so many features in their operating systems and most of them are being changed with some bug fixes and latest patches.But the system restore function is not changed over the years and still it is not used by common pc users.Actually it’s a great feature to restore your pc condition get back from the scratches.But most of the common pc users doesn’t know how to use it.
So here I explain how to create and manage system restore points with a free and effective software.
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How to Create and Manage System Restore Points Effectively?

Here we don’t use the default system restore point creator and it is replaced by “system restore point creator”.
1. First download this utility from the following web address
2. This software needs .net framework 4.0 latest version.Download it from the below link
3. Now open the small utility by double click on it.If it shows any errors just ignore them and click on continue button.
4. Now You can create number of restore by simply type a name and click on create button.
create restore point
restore point created
5. It takes some time to show in the below list of restore points.

How to Extend the Restore Points Time?

Actually windows operating system automatically creates restore points while install/uninstall software or drivers.In the same way it automatically deletes old restore points without any notice.This is the main problem with default restore point creator.
1. You can overcome this drawback with this small utility.Here how it is
2. You can find one button under the application that is “clear delete old restore points setting”.
clear setting on restore points
3. By using this option we can delete the setting from the registry and keep our old restore points safely.
4. To do this just click on “clear delete old restore points setting” simply.
You can schedule the restore points to create a restore point automatically on a certain time.To do this just click on “schedule a system restore point” button simply.
schedule restore point button
schedule restore point
This is a .net framework based application have some problems and these may be fixed on the next version.
If you face any problems during the usage of this application then just leave a comment with your problem on the comment box.

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